On January 16, 2015, I delivered the training module for the Vice President of Education section of the District 50 Vista Division TLI. The slides for that presentation are in the PDF TLI_VP_Education_2015_01_16.pdf. The slides were prepared using LaTeX and Beamer, two tools that are widely used in graduate programs in Computer Science, Mathematics and related disciplines, but which are rarely used elsewhere. If you are interested in the source for this presentation, send me a email and I will send you the source.

The presentation discusses motivating four different groups of Toastmasters club members--fearful members, self-undervalued members, frustrated members and disconnected members.  The presentation covers ideas for motivating each group.  It also covers self-serve and push assignment approaches to speech scheduling and how the former simplifies life for the VP Education and how the latter generally gets people to give more speeches.

All versions of the presentation files: