Selected Speeches and Presentations

I speak regularly at various user groups and other professional meetings. The sections below include upcoming speeches and past speeches.


Introduction to R in Data Analytics–SMU Continuing and Professional Education–May 17-June 21, 2016

This is a six week introductory workshop in how to use R. The class will cover

  • Installing and getting started with R
  • Understanding the strengths and limitations of R
  • Data exploration and data preparation
  • Common R functions and scripts
  • Reading and writing data with R
  • Programming efficiently in R
  • Curve Fitting, Prediction and Interpolation
  • Geostatistics, geocoding and Mapping
  • Advanced Graphics Building and communicating your case in graphics
  • Advanced Tools and Packages and developing predictive models with R

For more information and to enroll, see Introduction to R in Data Analytics Workshop on the SMU Continuing and Professional Education web site.

Future Speeches and Presentations

Upcoming speeches are listed below.

Using OwnCloud with Joomla to Provide Cloud Services on Your Web Site–Monday, December 14, 2015

For many situations for collaboration and data sharing, services such as Google Drive, Box, DropBox, and Evernote provide everything that you need, but there are some circumstances where the intellectual property rights terms or other considerations make it impossible to use these services. For these situations, Bruce Moore will demonstrate how to incorporate the Open Source OwnCloud package into a Joomla installation to provide cloud services that Joomla does not offer.

Information on the meetup can be found at DFW Joomla User Group Meetup.

Previous Speeches and Presentations

Using Piwik as an Alternative to Google Analytics–Monday, November 9, 2015

Many web masters use Google Analytics to prepare reports on how their site is being used. For those web masters that want an alternative to Google Analytics, the Piwik project has developed an alternative web analytics tool that can be hosted natively or used as a service similar to GA. Using Piwik will keep sensitive data within your network and can eliminate spoof-based GA referral spam. Piwik will not eliminate crawler-based GA referral spam. In this meetup, we will cover the different types of referral spam and how to use Piwik on a Joomla web site.

There will be a lot of information about when you might wish to choose Piwik over GA, privacy and compliance, and some of the information that you can get out of Piwik that you cannot get out of GA. Although Joomla plugins will be discussed, much of this session will be relevant to WordPress webmasters.

Presentation slides are available from

Startup/Entrepreneur Panelist for Foundations in Business, TCU–Thursday, October 29, 2015

Served as one of three panelists for a discussion on startups, life as an entrepreneur, and related topics for the Fall Foundations in Business classes at TCU.

Embedding Interactive OpenGL 3D Visualizations into a Joomla Article–Monday, September 14, 2015

Many web sites must display complex data in a way that invites users to interact with the data to better understand the underlying patterns. Bruce Moore will show us how to include interactive 3D visualizations into articles on a Joomla web site. With these interactive visualizations, users can rotate and flip 3D visualizations to better understand patterns in the data. An example of the type of visualization to be discussed can be found at Demonstration of RGL Web Package.

Information on the meetup can be found at DFW Joomla User Group Meetup.

The article based upon this presentation can be found at

Steal the Show Using R for Interactive Visualizations–Wednesday, September 23, 2015

In the last two years, R language contributors have created a large number of utilities for generating interactive JavaScript visualizations that exploit D3 and other libraries. Bruce Moore will demonstrate how to use R to generate gazillions of lines of code for interactive JavaScript visualizations--without knowing anything about JavaScript.

For more information and directions, see Steal the Show Using R for Interactive Visualizations meeting of the DFW Data Visualization and Infographics Meetup.

The series of articles based upon this presentation–they include all of the visualizations discussed–are the following:

Using RGL for Quick 3D Visualizations–SMU CAPE Back-to-School Lightning Talks–Thursday, August 27, 2015

This will be a seven minute lightning talk as part of a program of about 10 lightning talks on various big-data subjects by various instructors for fall big-data classes at SMU’s Continuing and Professional Education Program.

Overview of UseR! 2015–Dallas R User Group–Saturday, August 22, 2015

This will be an overview of the UseR! 2015 in Aalborg, Denmark and will give a quick overview of the major trends from the conference and the highlights of some of the sessions. The conference summary will cover dplyr with pipes and data checking for production use, several new new visualization tools, using music videos to communicate data, and some enhancements to some existing tools will be among the topics covered.

The Meetup will be held at University of Dallas in the Hagar

For more information, see the Dallas R User Group Meetup site.

The presentation files are can be found in

MySQL and How Joomla Uses It–Dallas Joomla User Group–Monday, August 10, 2015

This will be an overview of how MySQL works and how the Joomla content management system (CMS) uses the database. The presentation will cover basic MySQL commands, select statements, and the primary tables that Joomla creates.

The user group meeting will be held at Improving Enterprises at 16633 Dallas Parkway in Addison, Texas.

For more information, see the Dallas Joomla User Group Meetup site.

The presentation is available at

Why Duplicate Canonical URLs in Joomla are Bad and How to Fix Them–Dallas Joomla User Group–April 16, 2015

This speech covered the background to the canonical URL markup, the problems in how they are implemented in Joomla, and how to fix the problem. The article on this web site Duplicate Canonical URLs in Joomla--Configuring sh404SEF is based on the presentation.

Why You Should Convert to HTTPS–Dallas Joomla User Group–March 9, 2015

This speech described how Google has begun to favor HTTPS in search results, the various security reasons to use HTTPS, and how to set up HTTPS on a Joomla web site. The article on this web site Why and How to Set Up SSL/HTTPS on Your Web Site is based upon the presentation.

Adventures and Misadventures in Configuring Joomla Caching–Dallas Joomla User Group–December 8, 2014

This presentation covered the issues involved in setting up server side caching in Joomla. The article on this web site Configuring Server Side Page Caching in Joomla is based upon the presentation.

Enhanced Plots with ggplot2, lattice and rgl–Dallas R User Group–February 22, 2014

This presentation surveyed all of the graphics packages available in R. Slides are available at

Conference Review UseR! 2013–Dallas R User Group–August 24, 2013

This was survey of the highlights of the UseR! 2013 conference in Albacete, Spain. Slides are available at

There are No Pessimists on the TransAm–King of Glory Lutheran Church Gusto! Program–December 12, 2011

This was a 40-minute keynote describing my 2010 bicycle tour from Yorktown, Virginia to Florence, Oregon on the Adventure Cycling Association TransAmerica Trail route. Westbound on the TransAm is a blog describing the trip.