Windows 10 Upgrade of Asus Eee PC Netbook

The first step in any upgrade is to verify that all of the software will work on the new system. Windows 10 has a feature that checks for programs that are “incompatible” but it does not flag Polar Pro Trainer. While Pro Trainer will run, Windows 10 does not support the irDA adapters that are required to import data from the RS800CX and other of Polar’s heart rate monitors monitors that use infrared to transfer data. If I had followed Microsoft’s advice, I would have a big problem on my hands.

Although I could run Linux in a virtual machine and run ProTrainer under wine, this machine does not have enough power to do that. I will wait to upgrade this machine until I can re-host ProTrainer. OS X dropped irDA drivers a while back, so getting Pro Trainer to run under Wine on OS X does not work. I have tried and can’t quite get it to work.