New Attack on iPhones that Have Not Been Jailbroken

Although iPhones and Apple computers have a well-deserved reputation for security, they are not immune from attack, and a recently discovered malware marks the first time that malware can infect an iPhone that has not been jail-broken or rooted. A new malware attack for iPhones uses the infrequently used mechanism that Apple provides for large enterprises to load their own software to an iPhone without going through the Apple Store. Called "Wirelurker," it has been discovered in the Chinese app store; when it is downloaded from the app store to a PC, it will then infect any iOS device that is attached to the PC. The attack was discovered by Palo Alto Networks and is described in detail on their web site.

Bankers and IT managers whose employees use iPhones for business should be aware of this new threat on a previously safe platform and work to protect corporate infrastructure and information.