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The San Fransisco Federal Reserve Bank blog provides useful information on regional and national economic trends.

Official blog of the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco covering SF Fed culture and economic issues affecting the 12th District - the Bay Area, Los Angeles, Seattle, Portland, Las Vegas, Honolulu, Anchorage, and beyond.
  1. Utilities are at the forefront of managing climate risk. In a recent roundtable with President Mary Daly, CEOs from the Twelfth District’s utility sector shared their insights on this vital aspect of their business.
  2. What is regional equity? How does it impact the economy? What are indicators of regional equity, and what are the implications for policymakers? Senior Researcher Elizabeth Mattiuzzi examines these questions and how regional equity relates to the SF Fed's work.
  3. What was the Fed’s July 2022 policy decision? And how does it affect you? FOMC Rewind breaks it down.
  4. Emily Cubides and Shaun O’Brien share key findings from the 2022 Diary of Consumer Payment Choice.
  5. The Supervision + Credit team's quarterly First Glance 12L report notes drought-related impacts pose challenges to the Twelfth District financial institutions, residents, and businesses alike.